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Center For Learning is a Certified training institute

Our goal is to partner with clients to make them truly world class organizations. Our Lead and associate consultants have global experience and are committed to building a capacity.

Olalekan Brahim

Our global affiliations and working relationships with the world's leading certification bodies in the areas of Human resource, Risk management, Information Technology, Corporate governance, Performance management, Time management, Customer service satisfaction, Project management and Education just to mention a few.



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Hellen Jude HR

Glad to be part of this
I work in the HR department for a company, so crisis management is talked about behind the screens a lot. If you don’t have a certification like this, you are severely limiting your HR skills.”

Thomas A Beta Tester

Job Saver
I was fortunate to beta-test this certification program during the coronavirus epidemic lockdown. It has better prepared me for crisis management in the future. My company recently laid-off about 30 people since we didn't see this economic slowdown coming. If we had implemented some of the concepts here (like an emergency budget) perhaps we could have kept some jobs from being furloughed."

Doe Certified PM

I just recently received a Certificate of Completion on Performance Management and Appraisal issued by the Director 'lekan Brahim of ​Center for Learning​.

Doe Intern

Interesting internship
I would like to thank the Director and the people working behind the scene for such an amazing experience as an HR Intern. This Internship has exceeded my expectation and I look forward to it's conclusion.

Deborah Certified PM

Thanks CFL
Congratulations Deborah! You did it! For your Participation, Commitment, hard work and study. I just completed a course in Performance Management and Appraisal. I am so glad I was a part of this training Center for Learning


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