PECB Certified ISO 50001 Foundation – Energy Management System Trainings

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What is ISO 50001?

As an international standard, ISO 50001 specifies the requirements for organizations to develop, implement, and improve Energy Management Systems. This allows organizations to follow a specific framework that helps them achieve continual improvement in energy performance, efficiency, usage, and consumption. This framework specifies the measurements, documents, and reports, which enable organizations to monitor the progress of their processes and employees towards energy performance. ISO 50001 requires organizations to establish new policies for an efficient use of energy, to set aims and objectives to meet those policies and review their impacts; genuinely attempting to achieve continuous improvements of energy management

Why is Energy Management important for you?

Energy is crucial to the organization’s operations and can result in major costs regardless of its activities. Energy Management provides guidance on the usage of energy throughout the organization’s supply chain, from raw materials to recycling.  Apart from costs, energy usage contributes to climate change as well. Considering that the search for alternative energy sources can be time consuming; every organization should aspire to reduce energy consumption and use. In addition, organizations should attempt to increase employee awareness towards energy conservation. By becoming ISO 50001 certified, you will acquire the necessary skills, which will enable you to help the organization comprehend the positive impacts of this standard. Likewise, you will assist the organization to reduce its contribution to global warming, thus become recognized as an environmentally friendly organization.

Benefits of ISO 50001 Energy Management

By becoming ISO 50001 certified, you will be able to:

  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Contribute to cost reduction
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Increase effectiveness
  • Promote best energy practices
  • Improve energy performance
  • Implement environmentally friendly practices
  • Help the organization to improve its reputation
  • Assist the organization in energy management
  • Contribute to the organization’s continuous improvement

ISO 50001 Foundation

Why should you attend?

ISO 50001 Foundation training enables you to learn the basic elements to implement and manage an Energy Management System (EnMS) as specified in ISO 50001. During this training course, you will be able to understand the different modules of an EnMS, including EnMS policy, procedures, performance measurements, management commitment, internal audit, management review and continual improvement.

After completing this course, you can sit for the exam and apply for a “PECB Certified ISO 50001 Foundation” credential. A PECB Foundation Certificate shows that you have understood the fundamental methodologies, requirements, framework and management approach.

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand the elements and operations of an Energy Management System and its principal processes
  • Acknowledge the correlation between ISO 50001 and other standards and regulatory frameworks
  • Understand the approaches, methods and techniques used for the implementation and management of an EnMS

Topics for this course


Course Agenda?

Day 1: Introduction to Energy Management System (EnMS) concepts as required by ISO 50001 Day 2: Energy Management System (EnMS) requirements and Certification Exam


The "PECB Certified ISO 50001 Foundation" exam fully meets the requirements of the PECB Examination and Certification Programme (ECP). The exam covers the following competency domains: Domain 1: Fundamental principles and concepts of an Energy Management System (EnMS) Domain 2: Energy Management System (EnMS)

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  • Lecture sessions are illustrated with practical questions and examples
  • Practical exercises include examples and discussions
  • Practice tests are similar to the Certification Exam

Target Audience

  • Individuals involved in Energy Management
  • Individuals seeking to gain knowledge about the main processes of Energy Management Systems (EnMS)
  • Individuals interested to pursue a career in Energy Management