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Value driven delivery transformation

Lagos edition IIi


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About Agile/Scrum conference

This conference is a gathering of professionals, practitioners, and enthusiasts who are interested in agile methodologies and related practices. Featuring keynote speakers, breakout sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities, all focused on various aspects of agile development, scrum framework, project management, and team collaboration.

The conference will provide attendees with the chance to learn about the latest trends, best practices, and innovations in the field of agile development. Offering opportunities to network with other professionals, share knowledge and experiences, and gain insights into the challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

Similar or such popular agile conferences include Agile Alliance’s Agile20xx series, Scrum Day, Agile and Beyond, Agile India, Agile Testing Days, and Agile Open. These events take place in different locations around the world and attract attendees from a wide range of industries, including software development, project management, Fintech, Construction, Energy, Banking, Telecoms, and business analysis.

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