Intensive Business & Data Analytics Training with Excel

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  1. Description

The goal of the course is to build you into an Business Data Analyst from the ground up. We do this by giving you the necessary training through hands-on practical exercises. The Data Analyst Training Course will prepare you for real-world data analysis and analytics and put you a step ahead.

Whether you are starting out, or well into your career and looking for a change, this course is for you. This course is for those who are hungry to learn and enhance their value. Regardless of your background, your level of education or the industry you currently work – this course is for you.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to analyze data
  • Anyone who wants to become a Business Data Analyst

    What you’ll learn

    • Learn the skills needed to become a data analyst in hours!
    • How to use Pivot Tables, Lookups and other functions in a practical way
    • How to Analyze data in a way that leads to insights
    • Understand what a Data Analyst is and what they do on a daily basis
    • Hands-on data analysis with real data
    • Learn Analytical Thinking skills for everyday application
    • The traits of a good Data Analyst
    • The tools used by Data Analysts
    • Learn about Analyst Role models to follow

Session 1- Onboarding: Data Driven Decision Making and Business Intelligence Excel
Session 2-Introduction to Excel 2
Session 3- Conditional formatting
Session 4- Introduction to Functions and Formulas, Date functions
Session 5- Logical operators
Session 6- Pivot table
Session 7- What-if analysis
Session 8- Lookup functions
Session 9- Power Query and introduction to BI Project
Session 10- Recap and Project Assessment

Power BI
Session 1- Introduction to Power BI
Session 2-Data transformations

Session 3- Data transformations Part 2
Session 4- Data transformations Finalization
Session 5- Data Modelling

Session 6- Data Modelling Part 2
Session 7- Visualization using Power BI
Session 8- Visualization using Power BI Part 2

Session 9- 11-Power BI Service
Session 12- Recap
Session 13- Project Assessment

See Classes available;

  1. Self Study/Online class = N10,500/ Duration: 4hrs/ Tutorial/ Exercise/ Certificate of Completion. Use this  coupon code to apply = SelfstudyExcel

  2. Virtual Class = N16,000  Wednesday & Saturdays. Time : 7pm to 9pm Duration 3weeks  Use this Coupon code to apply = VirtualClass1             Date: March 27th, 28th & April 3rd, 4th, 10th & 11th 2021

  3. Physical Class = N25,000  Fridays & Saturdays. Time 4pm to 6pm Duration 3weeks  No code. Dates; May/June  Aug/Sep – 2021


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12 reviews for Intensive Business & Data Analytics Training with Excel

  1. Gboribipi Stephen

    A very good course for analysts. Gives an idea of how to proceed with a real world business problem. Also covers quite a wide variety of topics.

  2. Dunke Adejunwon

    Very helpful course. As a beginner i had got a good understanding on Data analysis field and got interest on studying more on data sciences.

  3. Muhammad S K

    This course is real helpful. I’ve learnt a lot. It gave me the whole idea of data analytics which will be contribute to my current work.

  4. Ukoh Hope

    This served as a good introduction to the key ideas involved in business analytics. It covers each topic in great depth, and give you a good idea where to build your knowledge further. I already have a background in statistics so am familiar with most of the tools used in the specialization. I am taking this to round out my knowledge of how business analytics works in the business world.
    A word of advice here. As you complete each week of this course, ensure to also complete the corresponding section of the week 4 final assignment, as it can be quite long if you’re serious about the course.

  5. Ernest Osaghale

    Great explaining, clear and easy to understand for everyone even without any knowledge or background of Excel. Thank you!

  6. James onoja ukpoju

    Good course, useful content, well presented

  7. Olusola Daniels

    Well structured course. Well structured course I enjoyed the course as things were explained nicely with examples

  8. Solomon Ofilarbie

    The course was very informative and helpful. It was highly organized and met my expectations. I hope to apply the knowledge gained to my project.

  9. Osolo Isaiah Ebaragha

    Interesting and useful. The course provided me a new way of measures and taking decisions based on the real information, importance of the Data and right calculations

  10. Tina Njoku

    Data Analytics for Decision Making: An Introduction to Using Excel
    Data Analytics for Decision Making: An Introduction to Using Excel I really enjoyed the lessons. It was very informative and interesting yet educative. Thank you for this great opportunity.

  11. Maria Badejo

    The course has really provided insight into Microsoft Excel and its applications in business.

  12. Ubaidu Aminu madigawa

    Data Analytics for decision making; I was very happy with the course the content and the way it was thought great stuff.

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