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I trust this finds you well. Please accept my warm greetings from Tether Africa Networks, a company with a mission to connect Nigeria especially and Africa in general to the global knowledge industry. We’re pleased to bring to you the 2020 edition of Study Tour to Finland. This study event would take place in Helsinki, Finland from 6th through 11 July 2020. This event is organized in conjunction with VisitEDUfinn, a company poised to promote the best practices of Finnish education to educators worldwide.

Over the last decade, Finland’s educational systems had been considered one of the best education systems in the world, and one of the key features of the Finnish system is educating the whole child. In attaining this, they’ve developed a holistic teaching environment that aims for equity, quality and excellence. Finland’s intellectual and education reforms have completely revolutionized the country’s educational system. And speaking about intellectuals, I’m delighted to inform you that the teaching profession is a noble one in Finland. It is easier to become a doctor or lawyer than a teacher. In addition to this, the country’s regulation requires a master’s degree at least for teachers.

Participants of this programme would have the opportunity to learn from some of Finland’s finest educational specialists. This study tour encompasses a combination of lectures, workshops, schools visits and interactive learning sessions. Attendees would have one on one discussions, share ideas and network with the experts.

One thing is certain about this programme, those that attend would not only inspired, but also add more value in educating the next generation of Nigerian leaders. We look forward to your attendance and we assure acquiring valuable knowledge needed to transform the Nigerian educational system.

PROGRAMME COST Program Fee & Accommodation: EUR 1100

Accommodation comes with breakfast, free Wi-Fi, Satellite TV, Sauna and lots more. This lodging is located in the city centre of Helsinki, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It’s a walking distance to cafes, metro, shopping malls and souvenir shops. There’s so much to do in Helsinki. Please be informed that this programme is coming up in summer 2020, a time when there would be influx of international tourists to Finland and this naturally drives up the cost of rooms. However, we would encourage early registration to avoid paying extra as summer time draws near. We’re partnering with two international airlines that are willing to offer the best fares to Helsinki, Finland.

The only condition is that we must give them a certain number of travelers and we cannot give them this information until we have firm numbers. We can however almost certainly assure you that the group booking fare would be lower than regular fare online but note the program cost is non inclusive of air ticket fares.

How Do You Register? Very easy, simply visit:

or email: Or or email: Our team members are happy to help you out with registration should you need our help.

Simply email: (Lagos) or (Abuja).

You could also call or WhatsApp: +23408036980295 & +2348183547284

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Contact: Suite 59, Dolphin Estate Plaza, Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos.

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