CFL Affiliate Program


Get Paid When You Refer a Friend or Colleague to CFL Training
Help Grow Careers and Earn Money Back!

As COVID-19 continues to dominate the news cycle and raise important questions about changes in workforce, business delivery around the world. The spread of the virus has more recently caused the cancellation of many events and conferences, many employers have asked their workforce to work from home and some level of uncertainties created towards income.
Due to the above happenings and for fulfillment of our mission to Building capacity, Improve professionalism and Reduce unemployment in Nigeria.

We therefore created LEARN & EARN PROGRAM
We’re excited to unveil our brand-new referral program for past and current training participants!
If you thought your time with us was impactful, we encourage you to pass along your experience to someone you think would benefit from our training.

Making you better for tomorrow’s better place is our true passion and so, for a referral, we are giving back to you, our dedicated clients! If your referral signs up for training, you will see a % discount on your past, current or future training with us – it’s your choice.

It’s our way of saying thank you for helping us, and your referral, grow together!
Not sure if you know anyone to refer? This typically works well with the following people:
• Fresh Graduates seeking to launch a career path professionally
• Professionals seeking new skills or growth for career development
• Professionals with strategic responsibility who are not yet certified
• CEOs & business owners who are experiencing a career development growth slump
• Young professionals looking to get ahead of their peers
• Training & Development Managers whose organizational leadership can benefit from training