Certified Customer Service Manager, CCSM

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Interactive course, to develop team leaders and managers who need to manage customer service effectively and proactively, through their team. Service Management focuses on creating a customer-focused culture and how to engage, develop and manage a team of customer service professionals. This course will equip you with the skills needed to be an excellent customer service manager. It would teach you how to identify your customers and their unique needs, how to communicate in an assertive manner, how to solve customers’ problems and how to turn an unhappy customer to your biggest fan. It is an excellent Launchpad into a fulfilling career as a Customer Service Manager. It is guaranteed to be the most effective class with the use of manuals, workbooks and case studies. Customer Service Certification provides the foundation for quality customer service and focuses on building life-long customer relationships strategies.

Quick Hits

  • Skilled Customer Service personnel are crucial to the success of any organization
  • There is no prerequisite to this course
  • The course is suitable for any discipline
  • This course can be used as a platform to a career in customer service

Topics for this course

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Introduction to Customer Service?

Customer is the king because he keeps every business afloat. Whether an organization offers a product or service, it cannot remain in business if it cannot find a group of people willing to become its customers. In this tutorial, we will discuss how we can keep every customer − existing or potential − happy and satisfied so that business flourishes.
Customer Service – Introduction

Customer Service: Communication Skills?

Excellent customer service is all about communication. Demonstrating to our customers that we are listening to them and value their feedback, combined with the ability to convey clear messages with warmth and empathy will enhance our customers’ experience, however transitory. Basic principles such as making your customer feel at ease, listening attentively or knowing when to say sorry can all make the difference and, more importantly, make our customers feel that they are important to us.

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Target Audience

  • Fresh Graduates seeking to launch their careers in customer service
  • Working professionals who want to start a career in Customer Service
  • Business owners who want to deliver excellent Customer Service
  • Organizations who want to improve the competence of their Customer Service team