Intensive Business & Data Analytics Training with Excel

Module 1 Excel Data Analysis
Lecture 1 Introduction  - Preview
Lecture 2 Types of Data Analysis  - Preview
Lecture 3 Types of Data Analysis Contn
Lecture 4 Data Analysis with Excel
Lecture 5 Data Analysis - Process
Lecture 6 Excel Data Analysis - Overview
Lecture 7 Working with Range Names
Lecture 8 Copying Name using Formula Autocomplete
Lecture 9 Creating Names for Constants
Lecture 10 Managing Names
Lecture 11 Scope of a Name
Lecture 12 Deleting Names with Error Values
Lecture 13 Editing Names
Lecture 14 Applying Names
Lecture 15 Using Names in a Formula
Lecture 16 Viewing Names in a Workbook
Lecture 17 Using Names for Range Intersections
Lecture 18 Excel Data Analysis - Tables
Lecture 19 Table Name
Lecture 20 Managing Names in a Table