ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Associate™


How You Get Your Certifications, So You Can Become An ISO 9001 Professional, Which Means Unlocking Immense Chances For You and Your Team…

Did you know that …

The number one reason people fail in ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Standard is not due to the lack of business savviness and experience but because they don’t have a formal ISO 9001 training and certification to prove their expertise?

Here is the problem you face: Even if they feel that they need you as their ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Professional for their teams and business, most people, teams, and companies do not know how to interview and select ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Professionals, so they end up trusting and hiring the ones who have relevant ISO 9001 training and certifications.

Which means WITHOUTpossessing proper ISO 9001 Professional credentials, you’ll never get a chance to serve your clients and build a positive impact on their goals, lives, and businesses.


What Will I Learn?

  • The Skills You'll Learn:
  • Chapter 1. Why Does ISO 9001 Matter?
  • Chapter 2. The Problems That ISO 9001 Certification Solves
  • Chapter 3. How ISO 9001 Certification Benefits Your Career and Company
  • Chapter 4. ISO 9001 Step-By-Step Implementation Guide
  • Chapter 5. Benefits of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Certified Business™
  • Chapter 6. ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Framework
  • Chapter 7. Scope
  • Chapter 8. Normative References & Terms and Definitions
  • Chapter 9. Context of the Organization
  • Chapter 10. Leadership
  • Chapter 11. Planning
  • Chapter 12. Support
  • Chapter 13. Operation
  • Chapter 14. Performance Evaluation
  • Chapter 15. Improvement
  • Chapter 16. ISO 9001 - Roles And Responsibility In Organizations
  • Chapter 17. Why Understanding Roles is Critical to the Quality Management Program?
  • Chapter 18. Five Typical Roles and Responsibilities

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