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Scrum Fundamentals Certified course is tailored to help anyone interested to know about Scrum; learn about key concepts in Scrum as defined in the SBOK® Guide; and to get a basic understanding of how Scrum framework works in delivering successful projects.

The purpose of the ‘Scrum Fundamentals Certified’ exam is to confirm you have basic understanding of the Scrum framework.

Don’t Be a Poser

Don’t fake it – own it! The human capacity to detect a poser is immediate. With this course, feigning a working proficiency with Scrum is unnecessary. Scrum Fundamentals is designed for:

  • People new to Scrum, to gain a solid foundation of the theory AND the practice.
  • People working in Scrum who seek a quick, easy, and reliable recalibration.
  • Companies who want a common foundation of knowledge and language.
  • People who have a stake in the success of a product or service being developed using the Scrum framework

At the end of this course you will receive a certificate of completion in Scrum Fundamental Certified.

This course is a prerequisite to Scrum Master Certified (SMC®)https://centreforlearning.com.ng/courses/scrum-master-certification-exam-prep-class/

Preparing you for Scrum Master Certified (SMC®) certification by SCRUMstudy Global Accreditation Body for Scrum and Agile Certifications.

About SCRUMstudy

SCRUMstudy is the global accreditation body for Scrum and Agile certifications. It has authored the SBOK® Guide as a comprehensive guide to deliver successful projects using Scrum. SCRUMstudy works through its large global partner network of Authorized Training Providers (A.T.P.s) to deliver trainings and certifications. Important certifications provided by SCRUMstudy include Scrum Developer Certified (SDC®), Scrum Master Certified (SMC®), Scaled Scrum Master Certified (SSMC), SCRUMstudy Agile Master Certified (SAMC), Scrum Product Owner Certified (SPOC®), Scaled Scrum Product Owner Certified (SSPOC) and Expert Scrum Master Certified (ESMC)

What Will I Learn?

  • Scrum Framework
  • Scrum Values
  • Agile Philosophy
  • Role of the Product Owner
  • Role of the Scrum Master
  • Role of the Development Team
  • Sprint Planning
  • Daily Scrum
  • Sprint Review
  • Sprint Retrospective
  • The Sprint
  • Product Backlog
  • Sprint Backlog
  • The Increment
  • Product Backlog Refinement
  • Monitoring Progress Toward a Goal
  • Most Importantly: Applying it all In Real Life!

Topics for this course

29 Lessons10h

Fundamentals Of The Scrum?

Scrum Fundamentals is designed to help get new teams up and running and more experienced Teams back on track. If you want to get more out of Scrum than you are getting, this course can fine tune your current practices by explaining the “why” behind the "what."
Video Lesson
Introduction to Scrum
Why Use Scrum?
Summary of Fundamental Scrum Processes
Process of Scrum – Initiate Phase
Plan and Estimate Phase
Implement Phase
Review and Retrospect Phase
Release Phase
Overview of the Scrum Framework
Agile Manifesto
Inspect And Adapt
Five Key Values Of The Scrum Framework
Scrum Value #1. Courage
Scrum Value #2. Focus
Scrum Value #3. Commitment
Scrum Value #5. Openness
Introduction To Scrum – A Real World Example (Case Study)
Sprint 1 – Day 1
Sprint 1 – Day 2
Frustration #1. We Had To Plan Our Entire Project Before We Understood It
Frustration #2. Lack Of Commitment, Change Management, And Collaboration
Frustration #3. Autocratic Decisions Overruled Democratic Decisions
What Makes The Scrum Framework Succeed?
Scrum Roles – The Scrum Team
The Scrum Product Owner Role
The Scrum Team Member Role
Video Lesson – How to Create a Scrum Product Backlog.mp4
Assessment Test

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An explicit course with full examples of scrum concepts and how to succcefully carryout a project

This course has been very helpful. Center for learning has really been a dream come through for me. I have achieved two certifications all thanks to center for learning. Keep it going.

Helpful course and the material is well delivered


Target Audience

  • Employees preparing for an Agile implementation at their company
  • Aspiring Product Owners looking for a jump-start on their new job
  • Business professionals interested to learn about Scrum
  • Agile practitioners looking for a brush-up on Scrum fundamentals
  • Experienced professionals transitioning into Scrum Master roles
  • People in job transition looking to add Scrum to their list of skills
  • Anyone interested in knowing more about Scrum and Agile can take up this course and exam for free.