Beyond Team Building: Developing High Performance Teams & The Culture To Support Them


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Your success as a manager can often depend on how well your team operates.

  • How are their problem-solving skills?
  • Are they enthusiastic and motivated to do their best?
  • Do they work well together?
  • There have been hundreds of studies demonstrating that human beings function better and learn better in groups. If you want to develop your team leadership skills and unleash the talent of your individual team members, this training is a practical look at current leadership practices that work.

Learning Objectives

At the End of the training program, participants will be able to:

  • Identify different types of teams and create a motivational climate;
  • Build teamwork by recognizing and tapping into the 12 characteristics of an effective team;
  • Recognize the key elements that move a team from involvement to empowerment and how to give these elements to their teams;
  • Develop strategies for dealing with team conflict and common problems;
  • Understand how action planning and analysis tool can help their teams perform better;
  • The critical role  communication skills will play in building and maintaining a team atmosphere; and
  • Identify what motivation is and how to use an eight-step process for effective delegation

Course Outline

  1. 1. Types of teams

  2. 2. The TORI model

  3. 3. The Team Player Survey

  4. 4. Organizations Today

  5. 5. The Stages of Team Development

  6. 6. Communication Skills

  7. 7. Shared Leadership

  8. 8. DeBono’s Thinking Hats

  9. 9. Managing Team Conflict

  10. 10. The Trust/Relationship Model

  11. Why delegate? What is delegation?

  12. Pre assignment review

  13. Picking the right person

  14. The delegation meeting

  15. Giving instructions

  16. Monitoring delegation

  17. Practicing delegation

  18. Giving feedback

  19. Becoming a good delegate



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