This course will expose participants to project budgeting techniques, best practices and use of templates to deliver projects under budget. Risk mitigation techniques and several case studies will also be analyzed.

Target Audience

This course is intended for Project account officers, project managers or project team members who are assigned the task of developing project budgets.

Course Objectives

Understand the concept of budgeting and risk management.  Develop project budgets in line with project requirements.  Mitigate project risk and its impact on deliverables  Adopt Project Management best practices  Learn how to keep project on course and under budget.

Course Outline
• Project and Project Management

• What is a Project?

• Project and Operations

• Project lifecycle

• Project Management

• Project Management framework and Project Environment

• Project Management Processes

• Budgeting Technique

• Introduction to Project budgeting

• Earn Value Management

• Estimating Budget Control

• Budget for Project Works

• Baselines and Baselining

• Investment Appraisal for Projects

• Bottom-up Estimating

• Three Point Estimates

• Best Practice

• Working with Templates


Case Study

Risk Management Technique Introduction to Risk Management, SWOT Analysis Expert Judgement, Risk Management Logs, Risk Flow Process, Probability and Impact Matrix, Quantitative Risk Analysis, Qualitative Risk Analysis, Best Practice, Working with Templates, Case Study.


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